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by admin on March 4, 2013

Pure Leverage: What It Does And How It Can Help Your Internet Home-Based Business

Pure Leverage is a program created by Joel Therien. This program is a compilation of the founder’s 14 years of experience and knowledge of marketing systems. Essentially, it is an Internet marketing system that offers Pure Leverage tools so users can have a successful Internet home-based business.

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What does the package consist of?

  • Elite coaching program

This program teaches users on how to create a home-based business that can gain profit in less than 30 days. The marketing techniques presented here are proven to attract more prospects. There are also strategies in this program that can assist in creating monthly and residual income. It also contains motivation techniques for the team to increase stick rate all throughout the year.

  • Easy Lead Flow

It is an auto responder system that creates high-quality lead capture system that can make prospects learn and trust the user’s business. It helps the users build a list of 20,000 subscribers and point and click system that can gain prospects’ trust.

  • Video Email Service

It consists of video email auto-responder system and customized video mail templates so business owners can keep in touch with their prospects and build rapport with them.

  • An authority blog

With blogging, home-based business owners can easily generate tons of traffic. Users just need to create 3 blog posts per week. Then, the system will invite prospects to visit and comment on those blog posts. With these blog posts, business owners can convert traffic into sales.

  • Turbo traffic generator

GVO and PureLeverage founder +Joel Therien knows its not easy to get quality traffic to a site. With the use of this system, users can make sure that their websites will have enough traffic at low cost. Users will also learn how to optimize the traffic they are getting.

Pure Leverage Turbo Traffic Generation

Turbo Traffic Generation

  • Live Meeting Room

Live meeting room these days is a powerful tool to communicate with prospects and existing customers. This program can offer 100 seat meeting room with PowerPoint presentation so business owners can share their desktop with the participants of that room.

Does the program really work?

Yes. It is simple to do and it includes various tools that can make business owners become an instant leader in the Internet marketplace. With this program, users will not have to worry about marketing their products as the creator of this program will show them how and where to obtain great traffic to their websites. Keep in mind that the more traffic to the website, the more products will have a chance to be introduced.

Upon joining, users will need to pay $1 for a 7-day trial. Then, if they are satisfied with the results, they need to pay $24.95 a month. The membership includes 100% commissions and 50% matching bonuses, as well as 50% direct commissions.

Members can find everything that they need to succeed as an online marketer who works from home. They can use the Pure Leverage promotional tools to assist in signing up with their own affiliates so that their business can get started in the right direction.

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