The Pure Leverage Promise

by admin on February 28, 2013

The Pure Leverage Promise to Online Marketers

Joel Therien | GVO Pure Leverage

Joel Therien’s Pure Leverage

Internet marketers understand that one of the secrets of a successful online business is a solid and effective marketing system. No matter how good the product or service is, without leads, it will never work. A lead, in this context, is also known as a potential sales contact in the form of an individual or an organization that shows a positive interest in the products. In line with this, it is the goal of a company’s marketing department to create a program that will build a list of prospective customers also referred as lead generation.

Recently, a new marketing program has been released by +Joel Therien, a well known Internet Marketing personality, who founded Global Virtual Opportunities or GVO. He released Pure Leverage, touted as a revolutionary program that allows any online business to generate leads on autopilot. Through its product tools, online marketers can build effective money making lists and even collect a 100% commissions when the system is shared with others.

Even before its official launch on March 4, the product has caused an online hype that appeal to millions of home-based marketers because of its possible killer benefits to network and affiliate marketing. The promise of better results is irresistible to any online business that hopes to make it big in the industry.

Any online business can increase traffic, generate leads on autopilot and reap huge sales rewards through the use and application of Pure Leverage great product tools which include:

  • Elite Coaching Program
  • Easy Lead Flow and Lead Capture Page System
  • Authority Blog
  • Turbo Traffic Generation
  • Video Email Service
  • Live Meeting Room

The Elite Coaching program enables any marketer to take advantage of this rare training opportunity to learn the basics and the necessities of successful marketing which also guarantees profits in less than 30 days. With its Easy Lead Capture System, marketers need not learn special skills in order to build a high quality lead capture pages. Establish the business’ presence online following a simple and step-by-step process through the program’s Authority Blogging Platform. This highly optimized platform will allow the business to become a leader and a distinguished authority in the niche market through quality leads.

Pure Leverage Turbo Traffic Generation

Turbo Traffic Generation

Pure Leverage also comes with a Turbo Traffic training that shows a comprehensive layout of how and where to get targeted traffic for the business. Additional tools such as the Video Email Service and the Live Meeting Room allow marketers to network with their team and learn from one another. Video and audio files can be shared with ease during meetings and presentations. It also comes with a bonus Wealth Course program where Joel Therien shares his tested marketing secrets learned and developed after 14 years of experience in this lucrative industry.

The marketing program is considered as superior and cost-effective with very appealing commission structures. On top of building a business, marketers can earn additional profits by sharing the program with fellow marketers. It is valued at $97 but only costs $24.95 for the first 500 sign-ups. The first sale offers a 100% commission and the succeeding sales at 50% profit. Great products, intuitive training and handsome commissions at an affordable price, this marketing suite could be any marketer’s tool to achieve exceptional online business success.

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