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Is GoGvo or PureLeverage better?

GoGVO and Pureleverage are both great products with their own unique benefits. GVO is an industry leader in offering relevant products and services at incredible value. GVO offers complete scalable hosting packages for all budgets.

With the launch of Pure Leverage, GoGvo customers will be able to enhance their tool suite with Video Email, A professional Viral Authority Blog, and the option of more advanced training tools and training for as little as $24.95/month.

The launch of Pure Leverage will drive organic internet traffic as well as Buzz in the industry with 100% commissions when you upgrade your account to a reseller.  Yes, 100% commissions!  As an existing GoGvo member along with being a PureLeverage Reseller, you will have the unique opportunity to earn 100% commissions on your existing downline who also convert and become PL members!  Watch the video here to learn more about 100% commissions and the power of the PureLeverage system!

What is the Main Advantage of PureLeverage over GoGvo?

If you look like the competition like Iwowwe.com and Talkfusion.com — they charge $24.95 per month for the video email service alone and do not pay out 100% commissions.  PureLeverage offers 100% commissions!  SO there is enough value in the video email service alone.   That being said, anyone who upgrades will have a professional autoresponder with 10,000 members of  subscriber capacity added to their eresponder;  Try comparing our prices with Aweber, MailChimp, etc.  Also, our email deliverability rates are phenomenal.  Additionally, the auto responder comes complete with some fantastic professionally designed lead capture pages that are proven to convert.

 What is the Primary Difference between PureLeverage and GoGvo?

The fundamental difference between PureLeverage and GoGvo is rather simple. PureLeverage is a marketing tools package that consists of ALL of our marketing TOOLS — Marketing Tools ONLY.  While GoGvo has some similar tools, PureLeverage is in a totally separate class of its own and also does not include hosting.  There’s also a host of other unique features to include video email service, an elite coaching club, and many top guest speakers that we’ll have each and every week to help grow your affiliate marketing business!  Withing PureLeverage, we’ve also created a PLR store where clients can put their name behind many small products such as articles, books, and ebooks.  Moreover, they’ll be able to give these away as incentives or resell them for 100% profit!  Lastly, did I mention Pure Leverage offers 100% commissions! 🙂

Why do I need to pay $24.95/month for PureLeverage?

You don’t need to pay additional to stay on as an existing GoGvo member — but if you want to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity to make 100% commissions, you’ll need to become a product owner and reseller of Pure Leverage.  Additionally, our new video email service will be well worth the cost of $24.95 alone.  If you don’t lock in by March 4th 2013, any commissions on your existing downline that converts to PureLeverage will be lost and cannot be paid back.  These commissions missed out on will be missed out on for life. Commissions will only start fresh at your level when you have a full paid PureLeverage account!  Don’t Delay, Lock in Today.

 I became a PureLeverage Member Today – Where are my Tools?

We are in a pre-launch list building phase at this time.  You will see a link in your members area that will give you access to view the new PL members area — it’s 95% finished and will be ready for launch the 1st week of March 2013. After March 4th, you’ll have access to your own PL members area and will be able to use 100% of the tools that are implemented for your membership.

Why pay now when the launch is not until March 4th?

Taking action immediately upgrades your existing GoGvo or Meetcheap account so you can start your list building prior to launch.  You will also qualify for any commissions that will be generated by your downline while in the pre-launch  period between now and March 4th.
period (between now and March 4th).

If you do not upgrade and your direct downline members do, you will not qualify for the commission’s once you upgrade and become an active affiliate reseller for $19.95 after March 4th.  Take action now, don’t delay!

Does my payment of $24.95 allow me to resell and make 100% Commissions?

No, this payment of $24.95 is for the use of the PL product only. To become a reseller you
will need to pay an additional $19.95 after march 4th to market and earn commissions with
your affiliate link and other marketing tools.

Where’s stats on my contacts, leads, hits, signups?

At this time this information is going into a “holding tank” until after March 4th. PL will show
information in the downline on the status of anyone who has signed up.

What is my affiliate URL for the list building phase?

You can use the link below to bring your top leaders into this internal pre launch.


Can we build our own landing pages within PureLeverage?

Yes — you will be able to use the customized PL landing pages or edit your own and apply them to your own business!

Thanks & Good Luck! – +Joel Therien