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by admin on March 1, 2013

Boost Your Internet Marketing Business with Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage is a new online company that offers some amazing marketing tools for Internet business owners. It was launched in February of 2013 by the founder of GVO, a company that has earned a reputation in the online world for its interesting range of marketing tools. The new company offers email autoresponders, website hosting, and videoconferencing services, just to name a few.

Those who join the new company will have access to interesting marketing tools enlisted below:

  • Powerful coaching program
  • Lead capture system
  • Video email service
  • High ranking blogging system
  • Turbo traffic generation methods
  • Live meeting room

+Joel Therien and his crew of marketing specialists have devised the best converting opt-in pages for its lead capture system. Upon registering as a prospect, a user gets access to a pre-written series of autoresponders prepared by specialists. The system is designed ideally for a Multi-Level-Marketing or direct response business. As everything is based on a “point-and-click” method, users are not required to have any technical expertise.

Video Email Software

Video email service is perhaps, the best strategy to leverage the power of today’s technology. To this end, the company offers templates that can be used to record video and send the video message to the user’s downline via a single click, or simply post the video on the user’s blog. Beyond the old adage citing that “a picture speaks a thousand words”, a video may well be equal to a million words! The live meeting room allows prospects to communicate in real time by conducting presentations, or sharing files and desktops with meeting attendees.  Live and convenient interaction is the best method to keep one’s downline well-motivated. The live room is touted as the most influential marketing tool in one’s arsenal.

The company’s in-house marketing team gives guidance on how to get quality traffic to one’s website, teaching one step at a time.  Some of strategies taught include:

  • Best methods to increase traffic instantly
  • Means to generate low cost traffic
  • Viral marketing methods to explode traffic
  • Ideas to make the most of visitors

As a welcome offer, this company offers an information-oriented course for free. This course gives away some exciting information such as, mastering the psychology of online buyers to generate massive profits, learning to generate as much as 28,000 unique visitors per day, and discovering strategies that make a selling proposition that beats all competition.

GVO Products

Unheard of Product Lineup

Insane Compensation Structure

The compensation structure offed by the company is mind-blowing! It presents a new compensation plan that offers a 100 percent commission on every person referred directly in the first month. Each following month, it pays a residual commission of 50 percent of the subscription amount on every person directly referred. Additionally, there is a 50 percent matching check bonus of the company’s whole income down the depth.

The marketing tools are designed to teach everything a person needs to know to establish a home-based business in the direct sales industry. With proven marketing strategies, the company guarantees recruitment of new prospects without a single cold call. The idea is to embolden the team to generate a monthly income, and eventually a residual income for a lifetime.  In a nutshell, Pure Leverage has some of the best tools and strategies that have the power to take Internet marketing to the next level.

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