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Blogging is taking the Internet Revolution by storm — personal writing and instant publishing in its own right is an internet phenomena. Learning to blog is a great way to generate affordable traffic and advertising for your business.  Its also an excellent communication medium to maintain regular contact with your network marketing leads as well as giving you an excellent platform to provide social proof to those still on the edge.  Its a great way to keep the door open for people who may be interested in your business by looking from the inside out.  Make sense?

Learning to blog can be a critical tool for affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, or really anyone seeking to venture online because it gives you an appropriate outlet to represent your business in a productive & positive forum.  Blogging helps to clarify your opinions and messages while simultaneously attracting like minded people who are also interested in the same business opportunities as yourself.  Moreover, these like-minded people are more prone to buy your products or services & join your online ventures.  But most importantly, its also a great forum for eliminating those types of people who would be a bad fit for your business.  i.e. repel undesired and unqualified prospects as well. 🙂

Learn to Blog and Make Money

Make Money Blogging




Your Authority Blog = Powerful Marketing 

Typically, one of the primary reason  why most online marketers fail online is because they fail to comprehend the entire marketing cycle.

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Pure Leverage’s viral Authority Blogging Platform empowers you and your team to start making real money on the internet — real residual money month after month from the comfort of your home.

The Importance of Blogging

Most people don’t understand how effective it is to make money online by simply blogging.  Blogging to make money can be one of the most promising assets in the toolbox to help you grow your business.  Once you decide to take action and start blogging, you’ll soon realize its a great activity to make money with long-term rewards.  The only trick is that you need to create unique and compelling content — content that is both genuine and valuable to your readers.  Whatever content you put in your blog, make it powerful and unique so that it works to generate income for you time after time, week after week, month after month, and year after year!

With the recent google PANDA penalties, gone are the days of producing duplicate content in your blog.  Unique information is truly paramount in today’s day and age.  Moreover, we can see this statement come true even more when we fully realized how search engines like Bing, Yahoo, ang Google work and how reliable information must be delivered online to the end-user.

No matter what you do to build your authority blog, make sure you use unique and compelling content — its the best way to attract targeted traffic to your online business!

Build Your List and Business with Blogging

Do you know the full power in building our list?  The number one way people make money online is by building a large list of prospects and leads.  Most successful internet marketers admit that on average they make $1 Dollar per month for each member on their list.  So if they have a list of 10,000 people, its not uncommon to make $10,000 per month.  If they have a list of 50,000 members, its fair to say they can generate $50,000 per month in residual income.  You can see the power in building a list of verified prospects.

Most people browsing internet marketing opportunities online are more than willing to exchange their personal email for an opportunity to get their hands on genuine and valuable content to help them build their very own business.  Targeting leads with unique and valuable content is one of the fastest ways to grown your very own email list with solid long term rewards.  Start Building Your List with the Pure Leverage System Today!

Authority Blogging to Build Trust with Google

Build PL Authority on Google

Pure Leverage Google Authority

Authority Blogging has been widely revealed as the key connection between social media and search engine optimization.  Blogging is an excellent way to feed search engines like google/bing/yahoo unique content that also encompasses a portion of your entrepreneurial spirit and your hobbies & businesses.  Additionally, with a list-ping service its easy to get your articles crawled and indexed by the major search engines.

In the end, its safe to say that Authority Blogging is one of the main ways to Generate Unlimited Traffic, Leads, and Prospects to Your Business — Let Show You the Way!

Thanks! — +Joel Therien